Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Vase Amorfa

Vase Amorfa: Vase Amorfa 02


ALVA’s line of Amorfa-vases explores the plasticity and versatility of soapstone. It consists of vases that harmoniously combine various ratios of masses and voids. Each Amorfa-vase being a variation of the other, they seem to be interacting by shifting shape. Soapstone is a naturally porous stone that should not to be used with water or any other liquid. The colour of soapstone can vary from a gentle beige to bright blue and silvery grey.

Dimensions : (cm)

Vase Amorfa 02
- Depth : 25"
- Height : 16"

Vase Amorfa 07
- Depth : 35"
- Height : 7.5"

Vase Amorfa 10
- Depth : 30"
- Height : 25"

Finishes : Variety in Colors