Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Press Pendant

Color: Clear


One of influences which shaped modern Japanese design was the Mingei (Folk Crafts) Movement. It emphasized the pursuit of practical beauty as well as the universal appeal of everyday craft work design. Still present in contemporary Japanese design, these approaches affected also the design of Press Lamp. Here glass tubes are pressed as though they have been pinched, and the light source is fitted into the narrowed space. It does not rely on a metal form, the compression of the glass produces a soft, organic form and imbues each lamp with a singular appearance.

Pendant / Base Size


- Source Type : LED E14, Porc I MP, Tala / LED E12, Porc I MP, Tala
- Power : 150 lm | 95 CRI
- Color Temp : 2200 K

- Diameter : 90 mm / 3 9/16"+L
- Height : 450 mm / 17 3/4"+L
- Weight : 2 kg / 4.4 lb

- Glass Color : Clear, Smoke
- Frame : Laquered - Ral 9010 - White Glossy