Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Papilla Vase

Size: Small


When making the Papilla vases, it was first and foremost the beauty of the glass itself which guided the hand of artist Vladislav Urban. The initial design was made by a Czech artist during the golden era of metallurgical glass in the 1960s. And today, LASVIT has breathed new life into these timeless designs. The vases are made of hand-blown, massive pieces of glass. Their robust design however often seems tender, almost romantic. The vases received the name Papilla due to their round protrusions which are reminiscent of nipples, or papillae in Latin. Each vase is made from a combination of crystal and stained golden-brown glass which is then glazed with a pastel-blue finish. Achieving the desired shade of blue is not at all easy, as each gram of the added material can change the final outcome.

Small / Large

Diameter :
- Small - 120 mm / 4 3/4"
- Large - 160 mm / 6 5/16"
Height :
- Small - 173 mm / 6 13/16"
- Large - 230 mm / 9 1/16"
Weight :
- Small - 3.5 kg
- Large - 4.5 kg

- Glass Color: By Design (coloured)