Habitat By Aeon Vancouver


Title: Top and Base Marble


Spring in Milan and the smell of coffee is in the air. While strolling through the city streets we stumble upon a hypnotizing Memphis Group exhibition which sweeps us of our feet by its over the top design and irreverence. This was the background of Memphis table’s creation. A dining table designed to question the sometimes imposed “good taste” and good functional design with a disregard of typical shapes and an intentional imbalance created by the bottom half spheres which seem too small to even the solid top structure. This irreverent and stylish table is still functional but may well live on its own as an object of cult.


- Ø 130 cm | 51”
- h 77 cm | 30”


- Top and Base Marble : Guatemala green, estremoz white, estremoz rose, nero marquina, emperador, carrara

Package Dimensions

- 1200 x 800 x 1630 cm