Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Growing Vases



Nendo and Lasvit collaborated to create an art piece, which conveys the quixotic appeal of glass as something impractical and incomplete yet provides a breath of fresh air and opens up new possibilities. Created with Czech Bohemian glass, this lighting installation of whimsical nature, alludes to a whimsical glass forest filled with abstract flowers and branches. The principle of a flower and a vase here is turned upside down. By turning the pipes into the flowers and branches and by blowing the glass into a vase, suddenly the vases are blooming from flowers instead of flowers blooming in vases!

Sandblasted / Base Size


- Source Type : GU10 Halogen
- Color Temp : 2800 K

- Diameter : 1000 mm / 39 3/8"
- Overhead : 1500 mm / 59 1/16"
- Weight : 35 kg / 77 lb

- Glass Color : Sandblasted
- Frame : Laquered - Ral 9010 - White Glossy