Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Cloud Catching - Stars Picking - Moon Staring

Title: Cloud Catching


Cloud catching, Stars picking and Moon staring is an ensemble of bronze sculptures representing the pursuit of dreams. The tall figures reach towards the sky, trying to catch the impossible. Engaged in their search for happiness, they forget that the path leading to their dreams could be right at their feet. Ann Vrielinck’s designs are skilfully transformed by Gardeco into elegant bronze sculptures. The faces of Ann’s sculptures are barely defined, which enhances the universal character of the pieces and arouses a greater sense of identification in the viewer. Our bronze sculptures are cast using the lost wax method. Cloud catching, Stars picking and Moon staring are limited edition bronze sculptures, each piece is numbered and signed.

Dimensions : (cm)

Cloud Catching
- Length : 32"
- Width : 29"
- Height : 197"

Stars Picking
- Length : 60"
- Width : 35"
- Height : 220"

Moon Staring
- Length : 43"
- Width : 22"
- Height : 180"

Color : Brown

Limited to 49 Pieces