Habitat By Aeon Vancouver


Title: Travertine base


Celebrating a new invented reality, smooth and rough surfaces contrast with one another giving way to a new approach in shape and balance. Braque Side Table shows a torn and fragmented form, exposing the inner core of its base, which can be seen from a whole new perspective. This rebel approach took inspiration from Cubism and its influence in the representation of reality, leading to a deconstruction of shapes and revealing simultaneous view points at the same time.


- Ø 60 cm | 20”
- h 55 cm | 22”


- Top Marble : Guatemala Green, Estremoz White, Estremoz Rose, Carrara, Nero Marquina, Emperador, Travertine
- Middle Part : Coloured Cement
- Base : Coloured Cement, Travertine

Package Dimensions

- 670 x 700 x 790 cm