Habitat By Aeon Vancouver

Ante Cybus - Retro Cybus

Title: Ante Cybus


Retro cybus and Ante cybus is a diptych work by the Belgian artist Guy Buseyne. It shows two individuals pushing heavy-looking blocks. The figurines work together as a team, sharing their unique set of talents to reach a common purpose. This artwork stresses the importance of teamwork not only for group cohesion, but also for one’s own wellbeing, motivation and efficiency. Buseyne’s work consists of sculptures that portray human beings in a society subject to multiple challenges, natural and man-made disasters, and who try to overcome them. The facial expressions in his designs are undefined, which enhances the universal character of the pieces and arouses a greater sense of identification in the viewer. Our bronze sculptures are cast using the lost wax method. Ante cybus and Retro cybus are limited edition bronze sculptures, each piece is numbered and signed.

Dimensions : (cm)

Ante Cybus
- Length : 33"
- Width : 17"
- Height : 28"

Retro Cybus
- Length : 30"
- Width : 17"
- Height : 27"

Color : Green

Limited to 75 Pieces