The contemporary glass sculptor Martin Janecký is recognized for his virtuosic ability to form his glass artworks from inside a molten bubble. He uses a range of tools from blowtorches to wet newspaper to sculpt hyperrealistic portrait busts and hands, as well as realistic and stylized skulls, some of which are inspired by the iconography of the Día de los Muertos tradition in Mexico. Janecký’s sculptures are delicate and meticulously rendered.

Even his straightforward models of human heads, such as Bust (2021) are highly expressive; Janecký produces many of his most realistic sculptures, such as Figure (2021) in opaque black or white glass. His decorative figurative artworks are reminiscent of the ambitious sculptural forms created by the artists in the American Studio Glass Movement of the 1960s. Janecký began working with glass in his father’s factory at the age of 13, and studied at the Pilchuck Glass School under Richard Royal and William Morris. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Dennis and Barbara DuBois Collectors Award.