Working with glass is much like carpentry. If you have an understanding of a craft, you have the advantage. It’s all about physics. One has to understand the material, and this goes double for glass. One must know its characteristics, and what one can do with it. If you want to make something, you must know what will happen to the material you’re working with, as if you don’t know, your design will be useless. Everyone can make sketches, but to design and then manufacture a functional product which people will be willing to use and pay for is a true challenge.

It takes just one look at the works of the duo Lars Kemper (Germany) and Peter Olah (Slovakia) to make it immediately apparent that they share a similar, passionate love for modern art and design. Since 2004, they have been combining their education and experience within an East-meets-West setting. Speaking geographically, this works perfectly as both are now based half-way between their home countries, in the very heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. As both are working outside their homelands, they laughingly refer to themselves as “Gastarbeiter” (guest workers).