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Your Comprehensive Guide to Knowing Modern Kitchen Design
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Your Comprehensive Guide to Knowing Modern Kitchen Design

Whether you have a fancy home or a professional business, you would know that kitchen design is essential to creating a comfortable and attractive property. A well-designed heart of the house can help families prepare their favourite foods, share meals, and create cherished memories. It can also significantly enhance property functionality, aesthetics, and value.

Although there is nothing wrong with opting for rustic and traditional styles, you can also invest in a modern kitchen design. These cooking spaces offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that can provide a refreshing change from previously elaborate styles. 

If you are ready to take your kitchen to the next level, this article will define modern kitchen design and differentiate it from its contemporary counterpart. We will also enumerate the common characteristics.

What Is Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern kitchen design is a style that falls between transitional and contemporary styles. Although it originated during World War I with simple, geometric designs, it has evolved to focus on clean lines, open spaces, and minimalistic elements. Modern kitchens use post-industrial materials and prioritize functionality by maximizing the available space and using organized cabinetry.

Modern vs. Contemporary Kitchen Design: How Are They Different?

Modern kitchen style refers to a specific historical design movement and is stricter. On the other hand, contemporary kitchen designs follow current trends, are more fluid, and allow for rule-breaking. The latter can also change yearly to follow the latest trends.

6 Characteristics of a Modern Kitchen Design

Although many people use modern and contemporary kitchen designs interchangeably, you must remember that they differ in layout trends. After defining modern kitchen designs and differentiating them, here are the six elements of this specific layout. 

  1. Modern Kitchen Furniture 

Kitchen furniture like tables, stools, chairs, and benches are crucial in modern design. They are available in various shapes and angles that complement the sleek lines in the cooking space. Homeowners typically use wood, plastic, and metal to add a natural or industrial feel to the room. They also use bold colours to create visual interest in an otherwise minimalist kitchen design.

  1. Modern Kitchen Layout 

Modern kitchen designs often feature spacious layouts that span the entire area. You can divide these layouts into separate zones, where subtle colour or material changes restrict them. Also, this understated approach to design creates a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

  1. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

Modern kitchen doors usually have smooth, flat surfaces that create a horizontal line. This design aims to give the impression of more space and promote a neat appearance in the kitchen.

  1. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The cabinet hardware frequently enhances contemporary kitchen cupboards that cover most drawer and door surfaces.

  1. Modern Kitchen Flooring, Tile, and Countertops 

When designing a modern kitchen, the flooring, tile work, and countertops should complement the overall look or create a bold contrast. Homeowners, business owners, and contractors frequently use slate and granite for backsplashes and floors. Also, geometric patterns are popular choices for tilework in modern kitchens.

  1. Modern Kitchen Accessories

All accessories and design features should complement the overall theme when designing a modern kitchen. You can achieve this by opting for cabinet doors made of frosted glass, sleek laminate or wood veneer. Also, all appliances like mixers, blenders, and coffee makers should blend in with the style of your cooking space. Moreover, ensure that the chosen cookware, utensils, and flatware fit in with the minimalistic and sleek design.

Adding a Modern Touch to the Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs are trendy among many luxury homeowners and businesses due to their fixed historical movements. You can achieve this look by considering your needs, planning thoroughly, finding the right items, and working with professional contractors. 

If your property needs high-end modern kitchen cabinets in Canada, contact Habitat by Aeron! Our design and installation company for homes and hotels has Italian designers who create customized designs for your establishment. Contact us now, and we would love to hear from you!



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