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The Thrill of the Chaise: Where to Place One in Your Home
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The Thrill of the Chaise: Where to Place One in Your Home

Chaise lounges bring an informal classiness and comfort in your home’s interior furnishings. It  has curves and angles that make it look stylish without looking ostentatious. Best of all, it can fit  in multiple areas! Today’s article is dedicated to those inspired by the thrill of the Chaise, looking  for reasons to purchase one from a furniture store in Vancouver and wondering where to place it  in their home:


Location #1: The Living Room  


Chaise Lounges come in many different styles and adding one to your living room will add extra  seating and a piece of interest to your living room. They look great placed in front of windows or  on angles in the corners of rooms. They serve as a perfect spot for reading.  


Location #2: The Fireplace  


Placing a chaise next to a fireplace will create the perfect spot to wrap yourself up in a blanket  with a good book and a warm drink.  


Location #3: The Library  


Standard library desks and chairs are so last century! Spruce up your reading room with a  couple of chaise lounges across the bookshelves. It is a comfortable piece that lets you read  books in many positions: upright, on your back, on your stomach or your side! 

Like the rest of the previous locations, it is best to set a chaise lounge in front of bookshelves,  making it easier to pick up a book and sit back down.  


Location #4: The Corner of your Room  


Chaise lounges neatly occupy the most barren of corners in any room. If a particular corner  looks empty, put one there and tout it as a resting area. You will be drawn to its seemingly isolated location for additional privacy and quiet.  


Let the Chaise Begin  


A chaise lounge brings comfort, style, and versatility to any interior space wherever you place it.  Before buying one from local furniture stores, always measure its size and the area you plan to  move it to. We hope you remember these tips as you begin your exciting chaise!  

On top of that, be sure to consult with a professional furniture store in Vancouver so you can do  it nicely instead of doing it twice. Habitat by Aeon is one such firm you should consider. We  manage design and installation projects for residential, multi-family, and other housing projects  through our experienced team. Contact us today! 



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