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The Principles of Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

The Principles of Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Lighting

To a lot of people, the picture of a happy family brings about the image of a well-lit dining room where each member of the family partakes in good food and meaningful conversation. Seeing the family at the center enjoying themselves, you cannot help but notice they are all bathed under the light of their cozy home. That image will never be possible without the illumination of a  perfectly placed lighting fixture built for such an occasion. 


The perfect light fixture for an accessible kitchen or dining room is like the icing on a cake. It is that final touch that makes everything look special. It may seem like just an ordinary decorative piece, but your dining room lighting evokes a powerful impact on the room’s mood and atmosphere. If you want to make that image of a happy family dining together with reality, you need to take careful consideration when selecting your dining room fixtures.


Different Types of Lighting



Chandeliers are decorative lighting fixtures that are suspended in the ceiling. This often ornate piece directs its light upward, enhancing the decorative style of any room it is placed in. If installed properly, it can be an elegant light source while offering an unobstructed view of your guests and family members.




As opposed to a ceiling-mounted chandelier, sconces are affixed to the wall. Sconces are perfect to enhance the balance of light in the dining room while keeping the glare out of your eyes. 


Pendant Lights


These fixtures hang from the ceiling on a single cord, chain, or rod. While pendant lights are commonly used as a single lone fixture, multi-light pendant lighting can be a more modern twist to this classic lighting option. Pendant lights direct their light downward and can provide ambient or task lighting. 


Recessed Lighting


For a more minimalist, streamlined look, a recessed lighting fixture is perhaps the best option for your dining room. They are often used in a supporting role to your central light fixture. While that may be the case, recessed lights are an excellent way of providing a perfect balance of lighting elements in any room. 


Selecting the Right Lighting


Choosing the proper lighting to go over your dining room table becomes much easier once you know the size of the table and your ceiling height.


Consider the following:

1. Decide on your room’s style


Your style choice will ultimately influence the type of fixture you choose. Many traditional homeowners love decking up their space with luxurious chandeliers. The more contemporary-style homes in urban settings have moved towards installing chic pendant lamps. 


Types of base and co

2. Consider the size and shape of your table 


When it comes to table size, a small table will go well with a large pendant light. Longer tables are better combined with double light installations. Whatever the size and shape of your table are, it will dictate the type of lighting that would go well with it. It is essential to choose a fixture that blends well with the room without obstructing your view.


3.Mix your central fixture with other lighting fixtures


A single light source may work, but consider looking at the balance of light. If it has too much glare or casts unnecessary shadows, mixing various fixtures might be a better choice. If your chandelier or multi-pendant lights offer too much glare, try balancing it out with some recessed lights and wall scones this will add warmth and create a comfortable atmosphere for dining.


A Place of Togetherness for the Family


Choosing the perfect dining room lighting fixture requires many considerations like the style of the room, the furniture used, and the type of fixture. All those choices and applications will lead to the perfect setting to share a meal with your loved ones at the end of the day. Despite everything that keeps us busy and distracted, your dining room will remain the singular point in your home where your family feels a sense of togetherness more than any other place. 


Habitat by Aeon understands the importance of creating a seamless design for your home’s interior. Our company manages design and installation projects for residential properties using a  collaborative and flexible approach. From kitchen cabinet design to light fixtures and furniture placement, we provide custom, Italian-inspired solutions for every design project. Contact us today to learn more about our design inspirations.



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