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Selecting Modern Interior Doors: 4 Key Aspects to Consider
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Selecting Modern Interior Doors: 4 Key Aspects to Consider

There are so many factors to consider when designing a contemporary home. Elegance and sophistication form the core of these types of properties, and even the tiniest of details can make or break the overall aesthetic of an area. Because of this, it is critical to put a significant amount of thought and energy into each design aspect.


Paint jobs, light fixtures, furniture, and décor are essential to the look of each room, but what really ties everything together is what the guests first see when they enter each section of the home: the interior doors.


Although numerous homeowners tend to see doors as solely functional aspects of a home, they can be highly decorative as well. They serve their purpose every day and are easy to dismiss, but the right interior doors are sure to catch the attention of any guest who might come across them. Many tend to overlook their ability to reinforce the aesthetics of each room and link every area in the house to communicate a unified style.


Choosing a modern interior door can be overwhelming, but here are some design aspects to consider in your decision:


Design Aspect #1: The Material


The material from which the interior doors are made is an essential determining factor in its beauty and durability. Wooden doors add a natural appeal to the rooms while being durable and versatile. They also add a layer of privacy between spaces. On the other hand, steel and-glass sliding doors are easy on the eyes and give off a clean, sleek appearance.


Design Aspect #2: The Color


Interior doors get a lot of use every day, and they are some of the most prominent objects in a room. Because they take up a significant amount of visual space, it is only natural that their colors complement the rest of the house.


The colors of a modern interior door should appear in sync with the other furnishings in the room, such as the furniture, walls, or décor. These will prevent them from looking out of place and excessively busy. If you want to really capture a room’s essence and make it as seamless as possible, you may also opt for custom paneling.


Design Aspect #3: The Style and Swing


There are many different styles of interior doors nowadays. Aside from the time-tested framed doors that add interesting visual details surrounding the panels, there are also frameless doors that make entryways appear seamless and clean.


The swinging direction of a door is also an essential consideration because it plays a vital role in its functionality, which is key to Italian design. If a door is adjacent to a hallway, it should never open on the outside. Of course, there is also the option of using a sliding door, which has the bonus of having a distinctly modern appearance.


Design Aspect #4: Consistency


Ensuring consistency in modern interior doors is essential in tying everything together. Not only should the doors match the specific rooms they are in, but they should also complement each other. Select ones that match the home’s design philosophy, and make sure they all fit your preferences.


Get Modern Interior Doors for Your Home


Modern interior doors are vital elements that tie a home together. Aside from being functional fixtures, they also possess an undeniable visual effect. With these four key design aspects in mind, you can better choose a door that fits your home’s elegant, contemporary style.


If you are on the lookout for custom sliding doors near Vancouver, Habitat by Aeon has you covered. We specialize in design and installation projects to elevate your space, with expert in-house Italian designers working to transform your space. If you have a project in mind, contact us today!



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