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Our Guide to Designing Modern Italian Kitchens

Our Guide to Designing Modern Italian Kitchens

Spending more time in your home due to current circumstances means you have been enjoying your kitchen more than ever, extending beyond the room in which you take your meals together with your family. As the newfound heart of the home, it now functions as everything from a dining area, an office, a classroom and so much more.


Given all your kitchen uses, you may be considering transforming it into a luxury kitchen and equipping it with a top-tier Italian kitchen cabinet design. After all, an elegant kitchen goes far beyond attractive flooring and sleek countertops; it also involves choosing exceptionally designed kitchen cabinets. To understand what these truly look like, it is best to visit a kitchen showroom in Vancouver, which contains many Italian kitchen designs that you can use for your home. Here is what you need to know:


Considering Your Lifestyle


The first thing you need to do when redesigning your kitchen space is to account for your lifestyle. As a room used every day for various purposes, it ultimately represents the core of your home, which means that a large family will have very different needs for their kitchen than those of a couple with no children. For example, if the kitchen will be just for you and your partner, you will not need to invest in large kitchen tables and numerous kitchen stools unless you plan to entertain all your guests in this room.


Take stock of your household’s daily habits and reflect on how your kitchen can help everyone feel more comfortable or finish their tasks more efficiently. Doing so will help you curate everything from the seating to the lighting!


Making Efficient Use of Kitchen Space


After figuring out how to design your luxury kitchen to meet your needs, you must organize the space by determining the best spatial configuration for you. You can explore numerous solutions, ranging from wall configurations to “L” ones to double islands with islands facing each other, fit for expansive kitchen spaces. You can carry out multiple functions with access to two islands, especially if you like to cook large meals. It also instantly adds an air of elegance to your home and makes any meal feel special.


Many homeowners request a kitchen island distinguished by a singular, central block isolated from the rest of the kitchen. The island is equipped with a sink, smart storage compartments, and a cooktop with a downdraft or hood fan. This configuration, known as the peninsula, is excellent for open space homes. However, it is crucial to design this carefully to minimize unnecessary movements for cooks, ensuring a seamless look and feel to the entire room.


Choosing High-Tech Household Appliances


The next step involved in designing a modern Italian kitchen is to select top-of-the-line household appliances. A modern space requires sleek, classy, and tasteful appliances to achieve the high-class atmosphere you want to achieve, with the star of the show belonging to the refrigerator. Fortunately, modern models put extra emphasis on visual appeal without sacrificing functionality, allowing you to select various refrigerators that can be recessed to maintain your kitchen’s overall style. You can also choose single-column refrigerators or four-door models large enough to fit all your culinary and dietary needs.


Details and Materials


Lastly, when designing your kitchen, you must carefully select every detail since it ultimately affects the general look and feel. For instance, you will have to choose a finish for your countertops, which can be stainless steel, marble, quartz, or artificial stone. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and will help shape your kitchen’s ambiance while having the resistance needed to withstand daily activities.


The materials of your kitchen cabinets and doors also play an essential role in defining your kitchen’s design. You can opt for a door with an integrated handle instead of applied handles, presenting a seamless look that blends with the rest of your kitchen. Creating a Luxurious Italian Kitchen.


Transforming your kitchen to achieve the ultimate Italian look involves looking closely at all the details and assessing how you can adapt them to your lifestyle habits. By using our guide, you will enjoy a luxury kitchen that genuinely represents the heart of your home.


Habitat by Aeon manages design and installation projects for residential, multi-family, condominium, and hospitality projects. Our Italian designers work with our clients to create a sample design for a particular room based on their preferences and home size. Contact us today to learn more about how we can achieve your dream of a luxury kitchen!



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