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Modern Bedroom Guides: The Basics of Lighting
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Modern Bedroom Guides: The Basics of Lighting

Lighting a room is a form of art. It's not just merely placing a few lights here and there. Interior  decorators need to balance a wide range of factors so that lighting makes sense in any room.  Colour temperature, placement, aesthetic impact, functionality, and the resident's preference  are just some of those considerations.  


It's about striking the right balance between practical and artistic. Functional yet beautiful  lighting. So, how exactly do you light a modern bedroom, considering all that? Read on and find  out.  


Lighting A Modern Bedroom  


You might think that modern interior design is all about austere spaces and minimalist style.  With that in mind, you'd probably expect a modern bedroom to be bland and devoid of  character. That's not the case, though. In fact, the opposite is true.  


In fact, modern bedrooms feature a lot of lighting tricks to engage the senses and elicit a  powerful response. This is a space for relaxation, for rest, for escape. The lighting in such a  space plays a major role in achieving all of these things.  


1. Sensible Lighting  


Modern lighting advocates the notion of sensible lighting. It means using light in a way that is  efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. This is the same for a modern bedroom.  


If you want to light a modern bedroom sensibly, it all starts with the soft overhead light.  This can be a fixture with a broad light source or a skylight. Either way, this overhead light will  provide the bulk of the illumination in the bedroom.  


However, there are times when you need a lot more lighting. For instance, if you want to change  your clothes, it needs a lot of light. Also, if you're doing some work in your bedroom, you'll want  overheads and a table lamp.  


2. Control the Ambience  


Ambiance is a very important part of lighting a modern bedroom. This ambiance will directly  affect the mood of the resident, whether soft and inviting or bright and crisp.  


With that in mind, lighting a modern bedroom can be facilitated with the help of dimmers and  manual switches. This allows you to create a variety of ambiences.


How so? Let's look at an example. If you have a modern bedroom with a subdued mood, you'll  want to use dimmers when the sun starts to go down. That way, you can slowly lower the  intensity of the lighting in the room.  


On the other hand, if you want to create a different ambiance, say a bright and sunny mood, you  can do so by flipping a switch. That's the beauty of manual switches and dimmers. They allow  you to create different ambiances without compromising the overall decor.  


3. Functional Lighting  


Lighting a modern bedroom doesn't just revolve around looks. It also needs to fulfill a certain set  of functional needs. The first of which is safety.  


Modern lighting, in this regard, advocates the use of floor lamps and table lamps. Both of these  options provide excellent light coverage that allows the resident to spot any potential hazards in  the room. 


4. Light Quality  


Last but certainly not least is the quality of light in a modern bedroom.


Modern lighting advocates use of lighting equipment that produces soft light.  This is exactly the kind of light that is needed in a bedroom—soft light that is both soothing and  relaxing.  


This is how you light a modern bedroom. It's about striking a balance between function and  aesthetics. It's about being sensible with your lighting. It's about making the right choices when  it comes down to choosing the right equipment.


Let the Light In  


Lighting a modern bedroom is no easy task. It involves a few considerations and a bit of  creativity. However, you can pull it off with a little effort. If you think about it, you can do wonders  with the right lighting equipment.  


If you want your room to look timeless and functional, Habitat by Aeon is here to make that a  reality. Our unparalleled selection of customizable products offers a seamless solution for every  project. Contact us to learn more about modern lighting in Vancouver.



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