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Italian Door Styles for the Modern Home
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Italian Door Styles for the Modern Home

Modern Italian doors have made their mark in history as one of the most stylish and clean-looking door styles ever to be used in interior design. They present clear minimal vocation and rarely show any visible signs of their frames, giving them a unique look that other contemporary door styles don’t possess. Here’s what you need to know about modern Italian doors and how much different they are from other interior door styles.

Why Modern Italian Doors Are Different

When talking about style, Italian doors consist of a wide range of modern interior door styles and materials, giving customers quite a lot of options to choose from. Some of these fantastic options include doors that are manufactured with the most advanced materials, doors with superior wood, doors made of metal structures, and much more. Here are some of the common Italian door designs commonly used today:

Wood Manufactured Doors

Wooden doors are minimalist in character. They usually come with no frames or frames that are near invisible. Wooden Italian doors can come in a variety of finishes and materials like rosewood, walnut, heat-treated oak, etc. Another distinct feature of these wooden doors is their large size, as they usually come in full-height versions that go up near your ceiling.

Classic Door Designs

Classic internal doors feature a more refined style, which is perfect for elegant-looking homes. They can come in wood, glass, or a combination of both. It’s also put some embellishments in them like gold or diamond friezes in a matching color.

Sliding Doors

Italian sliding doors are styled to be perfect for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Glass and aluminum are the typical materials used for internal sliding doors, sometimes even wood. This gives you the freedom to choose what style and material to go for. It also provides any space with a modern and spacious look, especially if it’s a small room.

Italian Frameless Doors

Sliding and hinged internal doors are made without jambs, frames, or architraves. They stand perfectly flush to the wall and are ideal for combining minimalism and light, impeccable styling and space. The beauty of frameless doors is that they can be painted and plastered to match the wall, or you can choose a colour that gives a perfect contrast to your wall paint.

Glass Aluminum Doors

Glass aluminum doors are what drives the minimalist look in your living space. It’s a perfect example where the use of frames and profiles are reduced to a minimum. This brings out the beauty and transparency of the glass, elevating the look of your home. Glass aluminum doors also come in full-height versions if you want to maximize that look.

White Doors

If you want elegance above everything else, then a plain white door is the way to go. It’s both classic and modern and serves as the ideal backdrop for your design scheme. You can go for glossy white, matte, ivory, or grey-white finishes. White rustic-looking doors also work, or just go for plain white with a textured wood finish.


Habitat by Aeon stands at the pinnacle of Italian interior design by employing a collaborative and flexible approach in creating Italian-inspired home interiors. We proudly work with some of Italy’s finest kitchen and furniture designers. You won’t just find our creations in other local furniture stores as they are completely unique and elegant. If you want to build functional, stylish, and accessible kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces, trust Habitat by Aeon. Contact us today to get started.



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