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How To Properly Choose The Right Lighting Designs For Your Home

How To Properly Choose The Right Lighting Designs For Your Home

Assembling your home may seem like a rather straightforward process—you need only to pick out the right furnishings and ensure that mix and match properly. The goal is to make your spaces comfortable yet impressive, but many homeowners overlook one crucial detail of a good layout design—lighting. It completely transforms any space, and can do more than just jazz up the darker corners of your home.

Bear in mind that each room in your home serves a different purpose, regardless of size. Your guests’ rooms should exude a feeling of home away from home, whereas the master bedroom should be given a touch of luxury. Your kitchen, dining room, and living rooms should be warm and inviting, and one of the best places to start is by ensuring that your lighting choices are correct.

Your lighting fixtures should differ between spaces, as this is the only way to maximize and highlight your home’s best features. To learn more about this, we’ve curated a simple guide for you:

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and experiment with silhouettes and intensities

The best interior designers would agree that a room should be fitted with more than a single light source. For this reason, you need to layer illumination, ensuring that your spacers come with overhead lighting, followed by accent lights.

Your living room, for instance, could have a decorative ceiling fixture, which can serve as the room’s statement piece. Suspension lights made from glass art, for instance, adds a good touch of modernity and uniqueness to your living area. This can then be supported by a table lamp, also made from glass art, which adds to the overall mood of the entire room.

The goal is to create a contrast between the center of the room and surrounding areas, making it seem like your room has come to life.

Make sure to light up the dark nooks and crannies

No matter how well-made your home is, you’ll likely still be dealing with empty and awkward areas. While it can be tempting to simply put a statement art or plant to fill up space, you will want to transform the area with a good floor lamp.

Your best choice would be to look for a contemporary lamp, heavily accented with brutalist touches for a polished yet contrasting look. In doing so, you breathe life into an otherwise dull corner, ensuring that every single space of your home remains visually impressive.

Keep your eye on the details

Your choice of lighting fixtures should be bold and enigmatic, but never forget the power of details. Your shades, for instance, need to be taken into consideration. Using a frosted bulb, or perhaps even a soft-white light can help you get rid of pesky shadows, especially those created

It’s also important to remember that your lights need to be taken care of—and placed in the right directions! Keep in mind that some shapes are pliable, so make sure they sit on your fixtures properly. Playing with smaller lighting fixes, such as candles, can also add more dimension and depth to your spaces. The key is to always take a leap of faith—and never hesitate to start over should mistakes be made!

Keep Your Home Dynamic With The Best Designers

Choosing the right lighting fixtures may seem like a difficult task, but it’s an effort worth all your time and money. Lighting is an enigmatic interior design element that can be daunting, but done right, you’ll transform your home into a space that can wow and impress your guests.


 If you wish to take your interior lightning design up to a more classic and sophisticated level, allow our Italian designers to help. Habitat By Aeon offers you unparalleled modern lighting designs in Vancouver, guaranteed to transform your home into the space of your dreams. Allow us to design everything according to your tastes and needs—reach out to us today to learn more.



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