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How to Achieve a Luxury Commercial Interior Design
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How to Achieve a Luxury Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design creates the most visually appealing and functional spaces that effectively communicate a brand’s vision. Even when it is seldom overlooked, luxury interior design has a positive impact on your business. It can draw in potential customers and improve their experience with the place.


The continuous evolution of design trends makes commercial interior design a tricky business. However, the main obstacle is to create a visually interesting design that is cost-effective, functional, and engages people. Here are some examples of interior design trends that easily elevate professional spaces:


1. Bold Patterns


Unconventionality might just be the latest trend in commercial interior design. Businesses generally want their space to reflect the brand’s individuality and uniqueness, so bold patterns in rugs, artwork, tiling, and other furnishings help create a focal point in your commercial space.


That also lets you avoid traditional designs usually found in standard commercial buildings. You may even try the color blocking trend, a modern take on style and defining spaces that is taking the design industry by storm.


2. Deep Tones


Deep tones in interior design color palettes let you form a cozy and dramatic atmosphere in your commercial space. Dark hues such as charcoal grays, inky blues, chocolate browns, and rich greens create a sense of expensiveness yet retain a welcoming feeling.


Aside from primary paint colors, deep tones are also great in smaller doses throughout a commercial space to make thoughtful moments of drama. White paint may be the standard go to for trim and doors, yet black offers a sophisticated alternative.


Ceiling doors, beams, moldings, and baseboards painted in high gloss black or any other deep hue instantly give your space a glamorous look. But be sure to consider lighting and the room’s mood when using dark paint.


3. Natural Elements


If you want your space to feel more organic and inviting, you can use natural elements like greenery, an affordable and natural accent added to your commercial space. You can add more hanging and potted plants throughout the space to create a breathed-in life in the area.


Moreover, living walls have become even more popular due to social media and its ability to create instant Instagram-worthy backdrop in a modern commercial space. Incorporating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces offers an excellent solution for bringing in more light into your commercial design. Moreover, it improves the area’s flow.


Having frameless glass walls also lets you create an elevated aesthetic while capitalizing on your property’s views.


4. Personalization


Once you’ve listed all the architectural styles you want to incorporate in your space, it’s time to add a personal touch. Branding is an all-encompassing effort, which means that your space also needs to reflect your own brand mission and personality.


You can incorporate rugs, art, and other pops of color that make your space more lively and engaging. Rugs have an impactful way of embellishing your floor and adding a warm and colorful element to your space.


Final Thoughts


Choosing luxury interior design elements that give customers an incredible experience while still speaking about your brand is crucial to an effective luxury commercial space.


Habitat by Aeon creates design and installation projects for residential, multi-family, condominium, and hospitality projects in Canada, North America, and Europe. Our Italian designers can create a sample design for a certain room based on your own taste and house size.


Our team is highly experienced and professional and keeps everyone involved with a project connected, whether it’s the homeowner, designer, architect, and others. Achieve an Aeon style home and commercial space with our help!



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