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Design Ideas to Help Your Front Door Make a Good First Impression

Design Ideas to Help Your Front Door Make a Good First Impression

If there is an area of your house that immediately makes you feel at home the moment you step in it, that would most likely be your front door. This is the place where you greet your family and your friends, where you give candy and scare away trick-or-treaters, or where you enjoy the holiday cheer brought by carolers. No other part of your home gets as much exposure as your front door.


Even if you have a gorgeous-looking living room or a luxury kitchen, it will not matter if your front door does not give a good first impression to any of your guests. Try some of the front door ideas below to make sure your entryway is good enough to make an impact on anyone who visits.


Incorporate Small Features


One of the easiest ways to elevate your front door’s curb appeal is to add small features to it like welcome mats and house numbers. Try putting some of these smaller features:


● Welcome Mats - These are great for creating an inviting atmosphere. You can never go wrong with a generic “welcome” mat, but there are better alternatives. You can choose something that articulates your hobbies and interests or even something that elevates the style and looks of your home through a customized welcome mat.


● House Numbers - is a simple but effective little detail that can enhance the aesthetics of any front door. There is a wide selection of house numbers varying in font, style, and color. The right combination will surely add another level of personalization to your front door.


● Lighting - Modern lighting in Vancouver plays a key role in creating a warm and inviting space. Without proper lighting, your front door will look dark and dreary to anyone visiting. A well-placed lighting fixture will not only illuminate your front door but also highlight every element you put on it as it draws everyone’s attention to it.


Brush on a Striking Color


Putting on a fresh coat of paint can also quickly change the look and feel of your entryway and could even help enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. Choose a contrasting color for a striking design or a complementary hue for a subtle change. If you need help choosing the right color for your front door that matches your home, you can always ask for help from an Interior Designer.


Choose a Different Material for your Door


If you really want to reinvent how your door looks to make it better complement your home, getting a replacement is always an option. It may be a little more expensive than just putting in some accessories and fixtures, but the investment is worth it in the long run. You can choose from wood, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum doors. Just make sure the material also fits the style of your house.




When most people think of giving the best first impression of their house, they rarely think of doors first. Doors are just as important as any part of the house, and homeowners should focus on making it look as magnificent as possible. These tips should help you add more style and sophistication to an otherwise dull-looking door.


Habitat by Aeon in Vancouver offers stunningly simplistic designs for furniture, doors, fixtures and other crucial elements that make a house feel more like home. We serve as your consulting and retail connection for seamless home furnishings through our collaborative and flexible approach. For more design ideas and modern home products, contact Habitat by Aeon today.



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