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Choosing the Right Type of Lighting Fixture for Your Kitchen
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Choosing the Right Type of Lighting Fixture for Your Kitchen

Proper lighting is one element of a functional kitchen that binds everything together, including the cabinets, the fixtures, the appliances, and the entire layout. Kitchens require more lighting fixtures than almost any other room in the house. That is why lighting is very important in order to create functional and accessible kitchens.

General Types of Lighting Fixtures

The following are just some of the common lighting fixtures used in general home design. Some of them are great for placing in kitchens, while some are designed for other parts of the house.

Ambient Lighting

When you think of a sun-drenched room, ambient lighting is the kind of all-over light that you need to light up a kitchen properly. That is what ambient lighting is for. They provide uniform illumination throughout the space, independent of other lighting sources. While ambient lighting can come from natural sources, such as glass doors and windows, there are also fixtures that are great sources of general lighting, such as:


- Track Lighting
- Chandelier
- Floor and Table Lamps
- Ceiling or Wall-Mounted Fixtures
- LED Downlights
- Traditional Recessed Fixtures

Task Lighting

This provides increased light for specific tasks in a room that may already have ambient light. Task lighting is there to provide additional illumination. This is especially important for tasks that require accuracy or if you need to take a closer look at something. Task lighting also helps reduce eyestrain. Some examples of task lighting fixtures include:


- Recessed Fixture
- Under-Cabinet Lighting
- Pendant Lighting
- Interior Cabinet lighting
- Portable or Desk Lamp

Accent Lighting

If you need something to illuminate speci
fic points of interest, such as a piece of artwork or architectural features, accent lighting works best. These are often decorative fixtures that are used to complement the aesthetics of a room. In a way, they are like accessories in the form of light that bring out the best in your kitchen. Some examples of accent lighting are:


- Sconces
- Outdoor Lighting
- Under-Cabinet Lighting
- Picture Lights

What is the Best Type of Lighting for the Kitchen?

The kitchen is actually one of the most challenging rooms to light properly. There is not a one-size-fits-all fixture that will provide the necessary lighting that allows you to cook, clean, and showcase your kitchen. So, here are some options you can consider:


  • Surface Lighting - For ambient lighting, surface lights are the go-to option.
  • Recessed Lighting - The bulk of these fixtures are hidden within a wall or a ceiling. Their purpose is to provide illumination without being obtrusive while preserving a sense of openness in your kitchen.
  • Cabinet Lighting - Cabinet lights serve as both access and task lighting. These are perfect for under-cabinet lighting that provides just enough illumination for counters, sinks, and prep areas. Interior cabinet lighting provides illumination for the interior of your cabinets.
  • Pendants - Pendant lights are fixtures mounted to the ceiling and hang down on a rod or chain.

Choose Your Own Aesthetic

Knowing the different types of lighting fixtures will help you determine which one is the best for your kitchen. Of course, it all relies on your aesthetic preference and what your interior designer thinks will look best in your kitchen.


Habitat by Aeon in Vancouver offers stunningly simplistic designs for furniture, doors, fixtures, and other crucial elements that make a house feel more like home. We serve as your consulting and retail connection for seamless home furnishings through our collaborative and flexible approach. For more Italian kitchen design ideas and modern home products, contact Habitat by Aeon today.



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