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Characteristics of Italian Design to Add to Your Home
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Characteristics of Italian Design to Add to Your Home

Are you thinking about adding elements of Italian design to your home? This is a great way to add timeless classic pieces into your space.


The Italians have a long history of interior design. Whether you are going for the mosaic designs of the Roman Empire or the intricate details of the Renaissance, there is bound to be a design style that will add elegance to your home.


Here are several defining characteristics of Italian design that you can incorporate into your interiors.


A Mingling of Old and New Design


Given the rich history of Italian design and the need to preserve the country’s history through its architecture, it is common to see the older classic designs mixed with a modern approach. You may have an older structure decorated with modern furniture pieces.


If you live in a contemporary home, you can recreate this Italian design by adding vintage furniture to add a rustic touch.


A Transformed Space


Italian homes tend to be cozy and living in an apartment with limited space is quite common. This makes the Italians masters of transforming a small space into an area that appears light, spacious, and airy.


This transformation can be done with thoughtful placement of furniture, lighting, and some architectural details. Despite the limited area, you can create a space that feels large, bright, and generous.


A Living Kitchen


Instead of being a simple space where you can cook, clean, and work, the kitchen in Italian culture is a living kitchen. It is considered the heart of the home, where family and friends can chat, make food, and relax together.


You can recreate this in your home by adding a seating area that encourages people to stay and socialize.


A Combination of Natural Materials


In Italian interior design, wood, stone, and metal materials are incorporated effortlessly. You can recreate this by adding natural elements in your design, such as mosaic tile floors, marble countertops, and using metal or wood for accents in the furnishings.


A Simple and Clean Feel


Italian homes offer a simple, clean, and uncomplicated feeling like that of minimalist design. Although it is nowhere as extreme as Japanese or Scandinavian minimalism, Italian homes are often clean and tidy with concealed storage.


Clutter can be hidden in pieces that serve more than one function. A comfortable chair may contain storage spaces within its arms and base. A sofa may also transform into a bed that can be conveniently kept away when not in use.


A Dose of Designer Flair


Italian interior designers are renowned throughout the world for their talent in blending contemporary design with the refinement and elegance of traditional design. You can incorporate this design feel into your space by adding Italian designer furniture into your home.

It is common for Italians to save up on certain aspects of the home to treat themselves to a designer furniture piece in their home.


Incorporating Italian Interior Design into Your Space


Italian interior design is filled with luxury, sophistication, and tradition. With its rich history and distinct characteristics, there is bound to be a style that suits your space. You can incorporate the elegance of Italian interior design by playing around with its defining characteristics.


You can opt to add a few subtle touches, such as adding a piece from a designer furniture store near you, or you may consider a full remodel that adjusts how you make use of the space in your home.


Do you need help with incorporating Italian design elements into your home? We at Habitat by Aeon in Vancouver offer a collaborative and flexible approach to furniture design as one of the best furniture stores in the area. Our professional and highly experienced team will ensure that you not only have access to quality pieces but also a seamless execution of your home design project. Come and visit our website to learn more.



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