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7 Tips to Illuminate Your Home Beautifully and Highlight Its Features

7 Tips to Illuminate Your Home Beautifully and Highlight Its Features

Everyone knows the value of good lighting, especially in the age of selfies. A room’s lighting directly affects its ambiance, mood, and appearance, and the right combination of lighting fixtures can take your interiors to the next level. Carefully choosing your lighting is also essential to achieving a high-end, luxury interior for your home. It will highlight certain features you want your guests to pay attention to, making your space look more magical. 


In fact, good lighting is so effective that it can instantly transform your home’s look without investing in a complete overhaul. Here are seven tips to illuminate your home beautifully and  create a luxurious atmosphere for you and your guests: 


1. Know Your Ceiling Height


Knowing your ceiling height is crucial when choosing hanging light fixtures, as you wouldn’t want anything that hangs too low or too high. Although you’re in the clear with light fixtures that come with adjustable rods or cables, not all lights have this feature. Keeping your ceiling height in mind when going shopping for modern lighting in Vancouver will help you select lighting that best compliments your home.


2. Choose Your Glow


The type of light bulb you choose can make or break your home’s ambiance. You can select from halogen, LED, and compact fluorescent bulbs, which come in many different warm or cool tones. There is no right or wrong glow to choose from, as it ultimately boils down to personal preference, but you’ll want to go for light bulbs with warmer-toned glows to balance the cool hues of your walls.


3.Hang Lights over Tables  


Like hanging lights from your ceiling, you’ll want to make sure that your hanging variant doesn’t come too close to your tabletops. Designers recommend keeping a 28 to 34-inch distance from the bottom of the light to your table’s surface, although you’ll also have to factor in its size.  Generally speaking, smaller models can be closer to your table’s surface, but moving larger ones higher will look best. 


4. Consider Wall Sconces


There is more to lighting up your home than downlights. While it depends on the room you want to illuminate, wall sconces are great for creating a softer more relaxed look to a living space. Sconces provide both up, down, or light in both directions.


5. Illuminate Your Stairs 


Installing lights around your stairs will not only help it look better but will add to your home’s overall safety. Navigating the stairs at night can be hazardous but adding lights to stair risers will double as a design feature and a utility that will light your house the right way. 


6. Don’t Be Afraid of Colour


Although many people opt for neutral colors in their home, putting a bright light fixture in a  simple room can add more interest and life to a living space. You can also use colored shades instead of colored bulbs, which will add more depth and dimension to your room. 


7. Get Decorative


General lighting is essential for providing ample light to a room, but you’ll also want to consider installing decorative lighting, which will set the tone and mood in a space. You can even use lights as wall art to provide ambient lighting, helping you achieve the specific feel you want in a  room. 




Modern lighting in Vancouver comes in many different shapes and sizes that you can utilize to your advantage. By keeping these tips in mind, you will elevate the elegance of your home by stylishly and strategically illuminating the interiors. 


Habitat by Aeon manages design and installation projects for residential, multi-family,  condominium, and hospitality clients with a furniture store in Vancouver to showcase our work.  Our Italian designers create sample designs for a room based on a client’s taste, which we work to transform into reality. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.



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