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6 Essential Factors to Consider before Building a Custom Closet
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6 Essential Factors to Consider before Building a Custom Closet

If you are very specific about your wardrobe, you probably dream of having a custom closet. But before you look into customizable wardrobes and walk in closets, there are many things you need to consider. After all, a poorly designed custom closet is worse than just getting something ready-made.


To help you start planning a custom closet of your choice, here are six important factors you should consider first.


1. Make Sure Your Design Matches the Available Space


Are you renovating a current room, or are you moving into a new home? The first thing you should look into before designing custom furnishings is the available area in your home. With a well-designed closet, you will be able to maximize your available space. You can go as small or as big as you wish—you could even work on converting an entire room for your needs.


2. Get Your Things Organized


Again, the key with custom closets is maximizing the available space. First, take an inventory of everything you own. Group similar items together and look for pieces you can sell, hand off to family members, or donate to local charities.


Once you have an idea of everything you want to keep, consider the volume of the items and look at how much space you will need for them. Consider creating spaces of different lengths and widths for different things. Take inventory of bags, shoes, and other items that may require particular storage areas.


3. Consider Ergonomics in Design


If you are designing a closet space, you should take a look at ergonomics, too. For example, how easily can you access your clothes? Will you be able to reach important spots in the closet?


At this point, think about open shelves, drawers, and everything you want to put in them. Next, consider socks, underwear, daily accessories, and those items that you will only pull out on special occasions.


4. Think about Who the Closet Is For


If you are building a couple-sized closet for you and your significant other, consider the different types of clothing and styles of each person that will be using the space. For example, blouses and dresses require different dimensions from shirts and trousers. For men, they might need space for ties, cufflinks, belts, and watches. In contrast, women might need space for jewelry, hats, scarves, and bags.


5. Think About the Space for Your Shoes


Now, take a look at your shoes. Just because shoes always touch the ground does not mean you need to keep them there. If you are a passionate sneakerhead or shoe collector, you can design a practical yet creative space that will allow you to showcase your collection.


6. Consider Adding Luxury Elements


Yes, closets are generally for clothes, but they can go beyond that. There are different features you could include in the space. For instance, you could install custom lighting that can help you pick out items ideal for day or night time use. You can also add a vanity mirror so you can do your makeup, a spot to store your cosmetics, or even an espresso maker for your favourite cup of joe.




Custom furnishings give you a lot of freedom to express yourself, and they will provide you with the ultimate comfort and ease of access for your needs. These factors will help you design a long-lasting closet to suit your lifestyle.


Are you looking for high-end, luxury furnishings for your home? Contact us today, and we will help you create the best custom closets that would be perfect for all your needs!



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