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5 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Luxury Walk-in Closet
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5 Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Luxury Walk-in Closet

If you would like to create your luxury dream walk-in closet, here are some tips you can follow:  


1. Have a Plan Before You Start


It is best to plan out the walk-in closet before you start building doing so will determine the  potential design and layout of the walk in closet. Walk-in closets can be pricey, so planning the  space before you start is essential. This will ensure that the homeowner gets the right amount of  closet space they need.


2. Organize


You need to organize the walk-in closet so that it is easy to use and the homeowner can find the  clothing, shoes, and accessories they want when they need to.  


3. Select the Right Materials


Organizing is good even if the homeowner wants an open concept walk-in closet. Get a plan on  all of the different areas of the closet and what will be stored in each spot (shoes, belts, hats,  jackets, etc.) Organising the closet by type of clothing is the best way to find specific items.  


4. Include a Light Source


When creating the ultimate walk-in closet, you need to select suitable materials and colour  schemes. The options for the structures are melamine and the doors can be glass, hide, wood,  melamine, glossy and matt lacquer colors. 


5. Design for the Homeowner


 It is also vital to consider lighting since the walk-in closet can be a sizable area, especially if it is  a separate room. A light source can be helpful when putting on clothes or if the homeowner is  using the closet at night.  


In addition, adding a window to a walk-in closet can be really useful to avoid moulds as there is  still some natural sunlight that can come in. However, make sure that sensitive clothing is not  exposed to sunlight. Organize them as far away from the window as possible to avoid damage  or premature aging.  


Invest in the Right Closet Solutions


You need to design for the homeowner when building the ultimate walk-in closet. This includes  considering their likes or style, design preferences, the homeowner's clothing and shoe  collections, as well as their personal preferences.  


It is also essential to make an inventory of what the client currently owns, items they still need to  keep, and future additions to their wardrobe. Often, a little organization can reveal that your  client still has a lot of clothes that remain unused because they're not easily accessible.  

As such, make it easier for your client to get dressed daily by making clothing and accessories  easier to find.  


Invest in the Right Closet Solutions  


Is a walk-in closet worth the investment? If you have the space then it is worth including in your bedroom. It helps to maximize space, and safely store your clothing, shoes, bags,  and other accessories. A custom walk-in closet can increase the value of your home, especially  if it is well-designed and functional. The thoughtful organization is highly sought after by homebuyers.  


At Habitat by Aeon, we specialize in building a luxury kitchen for any house in Canada, North  America, and Europe. Try an Aeon cabinet and see the difference in quality design for your  dream luxury closet. Visit our showroom today!



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