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3 Tips To Amplify Your Kitchen For Entertaining

3 Tips To Amplify Your Kitchen For Entertaining

The living room may perhaps serve as the perfect space for entertainment, especially since cushions and a fireplace make for an amazing bonding area. However, all the best gatherings are so because of one crucial factor—food. Your kitchen is where all the magic of food happens, making it the soul of your entire home.

Homeowners who adore entertaining guests, be it through regular dinner parties, cocktail nights, or an intimate baking good exchange, need to have a kitchen that delivers. Your spaces need to be wide enough for kneading and preparing, but you also need ample space for your guests. You’ll want to be able to sip wine as they help you chop onions, or perhaps exchange recipes for the next party.

Designing a kitchen for entertaining can be rather daunting, but it all comes down to the details. You’ll want your kitchen renovation to satisfy all your needs, and so we’ve gathered three kitchen ideas from our Italian designers, all guaranteed to make this dream happen:

Idea #1: An open-plan space

If you truly wish to invest in a space made for entertaining, an open plan modern kitchen is the best route to take. It allows easy transportation of drinks and meals, making it completely accessible. You’ll also be able to entertain guests, all without the need of walking back and forth to places they might be settled in.


Guests will likewise also be able to access your kitchen, be it to help or simply keep you company. If you wish to create an open place kitchen, consider knocking down walls to create a good flow in the next room, such as the dining or living room.

Idea #2: An island counter for extra seating

If you want to make your kitchen space for gathering, islands provide the ideal spot for seating your guests. These also provide versatility and flexibility, ensuring that you gain value for money. Having multiple islands, for instance, allows guests to sit or stand, all the while having ample space to rest their glasses.

Islands also serve as the perfect place for children to gather, especially if the dining table is reserved for adults. Without guests, your islands can also serve as a preparation area for large quantities of food, as well as a nice area for the family at any time of the week.

Idea #3: Incorporating extra appliances for better entertaining

If you wish to get a luxury kitchen, your choice of appliances can speak volumes—and serve extra special functions. Life will be much easier when it comes to hosting parties and other social gatherings, so consider the following items below:

A coffee machine: With the help of a coffee machine, you’ll be able to offer excellently brewed coffee no matter the time. You’ll have access to barista-quality cappuccino and lattes, with special frothings for an added touch of elegance. Coffee machines are generally easy to maintain and can fit a kitchen space, including special luxury designs like the Seta Minotti Kitchen.


A wine storage room: Although a well-designed kitchen cabinet can house your bottles of wine, having an extensive collection call for a better storage area. You’ll want to have the right fridges and cellars for your wine, keeping them at the right temperature and ready for serving.



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