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3 Important Design Trends to Transform Your Kitchen in 2021

3 Important Design Trends to Transform Your Kitchen in 2021

The pandemic has changed the way people live their lives in so many ways. Beyond wearing masks and social distancing, the events of 2020 have also redefined how home spaces are utilized. With more and more people spending their days at home, the changes in daily life have prompted a revamp of how the interiors of a home are decorated, designed, and organized.


One important space that has changed is the kitchen. This room in the home has become more than a place to store food and cook meals once a day. Many households must now contend with more people eating at home and more meals being prepared. They must also contend with entire families working and studying from home.


Kitchen and dining spaces now demand more intelligent designs, but before you go off to a furniture store, consider the following tips for better kitchens in 2021:


1 - Maximize Your Storage Space


We have mentioned before how space management is important in the pandemic now more than ever. It has become imperative to manage your space in the home and in your kitchen cabinets. In limited spaces, it is even possible that the dining table has been converted for work and homework. Begin your selection of new kitchen furniture by considering your needs. In most cases, this means expanding your storage to keep more supplies and planning for many uses.


Smart kitchen storage does not stop at making more space. Whatever storage solution you must employ should also be smart. Any appliances, supplies, utensils, and so on should be accessible and easy to find.


2 - Choose the Right Colours


Homes are often designed to be places of rest and comfort, not places of work. However, our homes (kitchens included) need to be tweaked to be more conducive to productivity. The right colors go a long way towards optimizing your work-from-home experience.


3 - Handleless Designs


Handleless cabinet and drawer designs are growing more and more popular in 2021—and for good reason. It creates a sleeker and more spacious look in the kitchen, even if it just an illusion. It also removes the worry of having to maintain and replace all those knobs and handles eventually. Handleless designs are even more beneficial in small spaces, as they make narrower pathways seem more open and inviting.


Intelligent Kitchen Design is Key


Over the course of a year, the average person’s needs have changed drastically. Home spaces demand greater versatility, better storage management, and overall comfort for the residents of a home. Whether you live in a large house or medium-sized condominium matters not. You need to be smart about how your kitchen is designed, organized, and decorated.


If you are looking for a luxury furniture store in Vancouver that can also design and install products and help you transform your home, visit our website to browse our selections. We at Habitat by Aeon pride ourselves on providing seamless and customized home experiences for every homeowner.



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