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3 Essential Elements of A Tuscan Style Kitchen

3 Essential Elements of A Tuscan Style Kitchen

Along the Mediterranean coastline is a small Italian region called Tuscany, a space of which exudes the perfect touch of elegance and rustic. As a landscape of green rolling hills and wildflower fields, living in it can almost seem like a fairytale. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful places, home to villages that resemble armies of fairytale cottages.

Homes are built with tile rooftops and earth tones, imbued with archways that break the traditional lines of architecture. These elements are further integrated into Italy’s most sacred places—their kitchens.


 As people passionate about food, they take their kitchens very seriously. Most homeowners make use of a combination of materials, including wrought iron, terracotta, ceramic, and the cherry on top, travertine floors.

The raw finishes of each part of the kitchen are what make Tuscan style kitchens the envy of many. If you want to achieve the same Italian kitchen layout design, here are the 3 elements of a Tuscan kitchen you just can’t miss:

1. Nature’s Best: Adopting Nature’s Colour Palettes

Since Tuscany is tucked away in coastlines and rolling hills, you’ll want to choose colors that remain true to nature. You’ll want to feel calm and comfortable, with heavy doses of coziness for the ultimate fairytale feel. You’ll want to envision golden pears, green olives, vibrant red tomatoes, and of course, the burgundy of wine. It’s also a play on textures, so make sure to add elements of wood, ceramic, and stone.

2. Getting Rough and Rustic

To get the authentic Tuscan wood, you need to invest in warm and rich colors. You’ll want the wooden elements to match with stone walls, with appliances and kitchen tools fashioned from iron, copper, and other vintage materials.


 Distressed wooden kitchen cabinets can help you achieve that perfect rustic look, for instance, while also providing extra storage for your kitchen appliances.

You’ll also want to include chunky wood tables for a nice breakfast nook, stone and terracotta bowls for your fruits, topped with a granite countertop for the best results. The idea is to stick to the raw and unequivocal power of comfort and magic. That said, don’t be afraid to embrace imperfections.

3. Decorate With Pre-Loved or Artisanal Pieces

The best of Tuscan style kitchens evoke emotions through details. While your kitchen remodeling will create a brand new look, you’ll want to ensure that your accessories and decor support the story you wish to convey. That said, make sure to scour thrifts and flea markets for unique pieces. You’ll want old pottery bowls to decorate your surfaces, along with artisanal mugs for your morning brew.

You can also partner up with local artisans for unique pieces, ensuring that you have the perfect balance between new and old. Remember to stick to your chosen materials, however, especially when it comes to the color palettes!

Italian Kitchen Designs by World-Class Designers

You’ve likely fallen in love with Tuscany after a getaway, and have been thinking about the quintessential interiors and designs since then. While the idea of moving to Tuscany isn’t so bad, why not bring over Tuscany into your home? That way, you’ll get to enjoy your finely-aged wine seated at your one-of-a-kind table, gazing into your kitchen that looks like it’s been plucked from a fairytale book.

It may not seem like it’s possible, but you can enjoy Tuscany in the comfort of your own home— and Habitat by Aeon will make it happen. With the help of our Italian designers, we’ll help you come up with the kitchen remodel plan of your dreams, no matter how intricate it may be. Allow us to watch over the entire process—leave the high-end design and seamless construction process to us.

Let’s make it happen—reach out to us today.



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