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10 Contemporary Designs for Your Kitchen Cabinets - Part 1
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10 Contemporary Designs for Your Kitchen Cabinets - Part 1

Whether you’re going for a traditional look rich in details or something more modern, such as flat-fronted doors, our kitchen cabinet ideas will give you the inspiration you need. When designing your kitchen cabinetry, it’s essential to consider the period of your house, your decorating taste, and the area’s dimensions so you can achieve your perfect look.


If you would like to know what’s in style, check out these kitchen cabinet ideas:


1. Take Off the Handles


Technological developments in push-open and integrated handles make it possible to eliminate handles from upper and base cabinets. If you don’t want to push open cabinets, integrated handles have the same elegant aesthetic.

Whether you would like handle less cabinet doors and drawers fronts to make the most of a small area and space open and bright choosing integrated or push to open handles will create a space that looks less cluttered.


2. Stainless Steel Offers a Sleek Design


Stainless steel exudes sleekness and modernity. When you furnish your kitchen with stainless steel cabinet doors, it will become a fashionable modern mecca.

The benefits of these steel cabinets are numerous. Environmental (using steel over wood), straightforward maintenance, exceedingly hygienic (which is why they originated in industrial-grade kitchens), and durable (apart from occasional scratches) are some of the key benefits.


3. Floating Shelves


Clean lines are the essence of contemporary design. What better way to achieve a clean, open floor plan than removing kitchen upper cabinets and replacing them with floating shelves? Most homeowners choose this layout instead of upper cabinets. This allows you to display items and store everyday dishes for easy access. A few wooden floating shelves combined with a gleaming subway tile backsplash can transform your kitchen from drab to fab!


4. Get Everything in White for a Timeless Look


If the thought of vividly coloured cabinets sends shivers up your spine, a plain white kitchen may be the best option for you.

What could be more appealing than gleaming white cabinetry that reflects sunlight into your home? White kitchens are popular for a good reason, regardless of house style: they keep the kitchen looking clean. This style may be accomplished with various finishes, including paint, glossy lacquer, matt lacquer, melamine, or veneer.


5. Cabinets with Glass-Fronts


Go through the Instagram accounts of designers. You’ll see a lot of picture-perfect kitchens with glass-front cabinets. Glass fronts are an excellent way to break up a row of solid-door cabinets while also displaying a collection of lovely dishes, glasses, or decorative objects. Glass-front cabinets may add style to your kitchen. The reflected light can help enlarge and brighten up your kitchen.




The hottest kitchen cabinetry nowadays is modern designs emphasizing multitasking, free flowing, and a pared-back aesthetic.

Habitat by Aeon provides end-to-end design solutions for discerning homeowners. Besides being a designer furniture store in Vancouver, our professional team takes pride in fostering collaboration between homeowners and designers to create a truly unified vision of what the result should look and feel like. Get in touch with us today for inquiries!



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